Are you a 360 woman?

The 360 Woman

The suiteLiving360 target market is single women 55+ who 

don’t want to spend a disproportionate percentage of their disposable income on housing

seek greater social interaction and community 

want to be financially independent

Core Characteristics of a 360Living Woman!

is this you?

We've identified the following core characteristics as being important to live in a suitePEAS community. If your mindset is aligned, you're a perfect candidate.  

the suiteLiving 360 Credo: 
Take care of yourself! 
Take care of each other! 
Take care of this place! 
Don't do anything you can't explain on the 6 o'clock News!

1. Supportive of other women
2. Believe in goodwill towards all
3. Inspired by people, ideas, & causes
4. Willing to cooperate for the good of all
5. Don’t mind sharing - ideas, resources, opportunities, energy
6. Have a positive attitude
7. Want to live independently, but cooperatively
8. Want to enjoy an elegantly simple lifestyle
9. Enjoy socializing with other women
10. Enjoy living in and maintaining your own space
11. Don’t want to live alone
12. Don’t want to live in a retirement home
13. Want the support and care of others around them
14. Want to have fun!
15. Have dreamed of moving into a house with all women friends
16. Are 55 years old and older
17. Likely enjoy travel
18. Want to make a difference and contribute to society
19. Willing to adhere to guidelines so that everyone can have maximum enjoyment
20. Believe that age is an attitude!
21. Would like to live in a lovely house with a garden
22. Willing to consider the size of your carbon footprint & how to reduce it
23. Willing to consider sharing the use of a small alternative fuel car
24. Accepting of differences
25. Willing to explore living in a community
26. Love life, even with its struggles and challenges
27. Likely live alone at this time
28. Are budget conscious
29. Could adopt the 360 Credo of:
a) Take care of yourself!
b) Take care of each other!
c) Take care of this place!
d) Don't do anything you can't explain on the 6 o'clock News!

It's all about a 360 attitude!

What is old?


You don’t get old when you’ve lived a certain number of years – but when you trade your dreams for regrets; not when your face wrinkles, but when your soul wrinkles! Not when your eye sight deteriorates, but when your vision goes….      That’s when you get old! 

See yourself as a 360 woman?

You're one step away from making this a reality! 

Something to offer for everyone.

“What a great idea. Living in community with like-minded women!”