“finally and affordable housing idea
that works for me”

The 360 Solution

suiteLiving360 repurposes existing larger single family homes to create FIVE single suites or units. In some cases we include elegant common area spaces within a house. FIVE like-minded women 55+ will live in a safe, beautiful, supportive, community

a typical suitePEAS suite


Each suite or unit will be between 400 and 800 square feet. Our unique and proprietary model is called suitePEAS (Private, Elegant, Affordable, Spaces).

Our model can provide an innovative solution to affordable housing and can be easily replicated.

suitePEAS leads a new wave of micro housing – small, compact, low cost, low tech, low risk, innovative and affordable housing designed to meet immediate needs! It is financially viable and environmentally sustainable and will house women almost immediately. This micro housing model can accommodate women with limited income and capital as well as women who are seeking community and are willing to pay market prices for their homes. Suites can be owned or rented. Residents will enjoy the privacy of their own home with bedroom, bathroom, sitting area, and snack bar (kitchenette) area. They will enjoy common area spaces, including gardens, and share common area costs. Exterior maintenance, such as cutting lawns or shoveling snow, will be contracted out. 



Boomers are the fastest growing segment of the Canadian population. This trend will continue 

Women boomers, in particular, represent the fastest growing segment in this cohort

A disproportionate % of our disposable income is typically spent on shelter

Women live longer, but earn less

Most senior women live alone. Isolation has a huge impact on our healthcare system

Women thrive in community

are you this kind of woman?

Catering to the 55+ lifestyle

“What a great idea. Living in community with like-minded women!”