Projects & Events

Engaging local communities with projects & events!

suiteLiving360 has been engaged in various innovative projects throughout the years – all regarding important issues to seniors, especially older women. Thank you the New Horizons for Seniors Program for your continued support.

Project 3: Social Strategies for Seniors

SuiteLiving360 cordially invites you to a free social learning opportunity presented by:

At this interactive session for seniors, created and delivered by seniors, Larry Cain’s inspiring success stories will enable you to:

Learn strategies on how to optimize the quality of your life by living it with passion and purpose
Increase your ability to achieve health and wellness in body, mind and spirit
Discover ways to be more engaged and participate actively in creative lifelong learning opportunities
Recognize the value of your life’s experiences that can be shared with others
Increase your self-esteem and acquire greater confidence in the process
Find interesting volunteer opportunities to give back to your community
Meet like-minded older adults who are lifelong learners like you

Project 2: suitePEAS Intergenerational Mentoring

"Somehow we have to get older people back close to growing children if we are to restore a sense of community, a knowledge of the past, and a sense of the future."

A reciprocal opportunity for younger people - mainly students - and seniors, to mentor each other. The synergy between the two groups fosters a natural and positive expectation and outcome. We should be encouraging any and all opportunities for seniors to mentor younger people and for younger people to mentor seniors.

Project 1: Elder Abuse

New ways to look at mitigating elder abuse

Catering to the 55+ lifestyle

“What a great idea. Living in community with like-minded women!”